The Health and Beauty Benefits of Guava Leaves

The guava fruit is not the only part of the guava tree that considered beneficial to health. Guava leaves offer a multitude of health and beauty benefits (just like the Effective Miracle Bust). Due to its high nutritional value, guava leaves are considered as powerful remedies for many conditions and ailments. It is high in Vitamins A and C as well as potassium. Here are the top 5 uses and corresponding benefits of using it regularly:

  • If you want to stimulate faster hair production, apply some boiled guava leaves directly into the scalp. This action of guava leaves is ideal for people suffering from hair loss.
  • Guava leaves steeped in water are known remedy for common coughs and bronchitis
  • If you are suffering from skin allergies and itching, place crushed guava leaves onto the affected area for fast relief and healing
  • Guava tea leaves are proven to lower bad cholesterol levels, whilst increasing the production of good ones
  • For men who suffer from infertility, you can include drinking guava tea leaves as part of their effort of treating the condition
  • Guava leaves boast antiseptic properties which allow it to provide relief to minor cuts, abrasions, and scrapes. The application of guava leaves also facilitates faster healing process.
  • If you want to delay the signs of aging from creeping in your face, use crushed guava leaves with a small amount of water to exfoliate the skin
  • If you have simple digestive issues or food poisoning, drinking guava tea will relieve the symptoms so you can seek doctor’s order