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Grand Canyon National Park Travel Tips for those with Limited Budget

People who love the great outdoors will find ways to visit all the great national parks of the country. If you’re one of those who simply want to take his days off visiting national parks (experience Havasu Falls Hike), you may be wondering if you can do so without breaking bank. Here are ways on how you can save money while visiting Grand Canyon National Park.

  • Get an America Beautiful pass

If you have recently visited a national park and are looking forward to checking out Grand Canyon soon, purchase an America Beautiful Pass. This pass entitles its holders to visiting any national park and recreational site they fancy in the United States. You will most certainly get the most out of your pass if you are an avid visitor not only of Grand Canyon, but other campsites and national parks scattered throughout the country.

The American Beautiful pass costs $80.

  • Volunteer

If you are an outdoorsy, you can get a really good perk out of it- A National Park Service annual pass for free. If you dedicate or complete up to 250 hours of your time volunteering under National Park Service agency, you will automatically be given the opportunity to visit any national park that you want free of charge!

  • Make Use of Connections

At Grand Canyon, senior citizens, veterans, military personnel, and students are entitled to reduced entrance fee rates or some can even get in for free. The good news is that the discount does not only apply to these individuals, but to the group they belong to as well. For instance, you may get reduced rates when trying to gain entry to Havasu Falls. Instead of paying full price, you may only be asked to pay half or if you’re lucky, you may even get in for free if you have a senior citizen, a student, or a military personnel in your group!