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She Wants To Know The Top 3 Sites Where You Can Read Free Manga?

I try to be a good boyfriend. I respect my girlfriend, and her privacy. So I don’t listed in when she’s talking on the phone. I don’t track where she goes online. I don’t even look at her watchlist when she’s logged into her Netflix account instead of mine.

But the other day I couldn’t help but notice something. She was loading stuff into the car and yelled out that she’d forgotten her smartphone on the kitchen table. She asked me to pick it up and I did, and I just immediately noticed something she was looking for online. Apparently she wanted to know the top 3 sites where she could read free manga online.

Manga is a personal passion of mine, and it’s not something I thought she was into. I try to restrain my passion for it for when she’s out of town or at work, but maybe that makes her suspicious? Maybe she’s just trying to try it out for herself?

I don’t know. I don’t even know if I should bring it up in conversation on our road trip. Apparently, she’s got questions, curiosity, or both.