Different Types Of Neuro-Muscular Disorders

Neuro-muscular disease encompasses a variety of ailments and diseases that affect the proper functioning of muscles directly (voluntary muscle pathologies) or indirectly (neuro-muscular junctions or nerve pathologies). These diseases make movement difficult and can lead to muscle atrophy as the muscles eventually waste way. The most well-known neuro-muscular disease is ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), or Lou Gehrig ‘s disease that affects the nerve cells in control of voluntary muscle movement.

Types Of Neuro-muscular Disorders

– ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)
– Myopathy
– Muscular dystrophy
– Multiple dystrophy
– Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease
– Myasthenia gravis
– Peripheral neuropathy
– Myositis (including dermatomyositis that includes skin rash, and polumyositis)

The nerves that are responsible for voluntary muscle movement and the nerves that communicate sensory information to the brain are affected by neuro-muscular disorders. In a normal body neurons (nerve cells) receive and send electrical impulses between the body and the brain to help control voluntary muscle movement. When these nerve cells become unhealthy and even die, it causes a breakdown in communication between the muscles and the nervous system, resulting in muscle weakness and eventual muscle atrophy. Muscular Dystrophy is categorized as a group of muscular diseases that are characterized by weakness and eventual wasting away of the muscle tissue, including the possible break-down of nerve tissue.

The causes of neuro-muscular disorders include immune systems disorders; spontaneous gene mutation; or can be inherited.

Neuro-muscular Disorder Symptoms

Neuro-muscular disorders result in fatigue and progressive muscle weakness. Some symptoms begin in infancy, others in early childhood and some in adulthood. Symptoms are categorized according to the type of disorder and the areas of body that are affected and may include:

– Muscle weakness leading to cramps, twitching, aches and pains
– Problems with balance or movement
– Tingling, numbness or painful sensations
– Double vision
– Droopy eyelids
– Problems with swallowing
– Breathing problems

Although there are numerous studies and research on new medications and genetic therapies, there is currently no cure for neuro-muscular disorders. Treatment includes addressing symptoms to delay the progression of the disease in order to enhance the patient’s quality of life. This is accomplished by a combination of medication, physical and occupational therapy, and surgery when necessary.

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Grand Canyon National Park Travel Tips for those with Limited Budget

People who love the great outdoors will find ways to visit all the great national parks of the country. If you’re one of those who simply want to take his days off visiting national parks (experience Havasu Falls Hike), you may be wondering if you can do so without breaking bank. Here are ways on how you can save money while visiting Grand Canyon National Park.

  • Get an America Beautiful pass

If you have recently visited a national park and are looking forward to checking out Grand Canyon soon, purchase an America Beautiful Pass. This pass entitles its holders to visiting any national park and recreational site they fancy in the United States. You will most certainly get the most out of your pass if you are an avid visitor not only of Grand Canyon, but other campsites and national parks scattered throughout the country.

The American Beautiful pass costs $80.

  • Volunteer

If you are an outdoorsy, you can get a really good perk out of it- A National Park Service annual pass for free. If you dedicate or complete up to 250 hours of your time volunteering under National Park Service agency, you will automatically be given the opportunity to visit any national park that you want free of charge!

  • Make Use of Connections

At Grand Canyon, senior citizens, veterans, military personnel, and students are entitled to reduced entrance fee rates or some can even get in for free. The good news is that the discount does not only apply to these individuals, but to the group they belong to as well. For instance, you may get reduced rates when trying to gain entry to Havasu Falls. Instead of paying full price, you may only be asked to pay half or if you’re lucky, you may even get in for free if you have a senior citizen, a student, or a military personnel in your group!

The Health and Beauty Benefits of Guava Leaves

The guava fruit is not the only part of the guava tree that considered beneficial to health. Guava leaves offer a multitude of health and beauty benefits (just like the Effective Miracle Bust). Due to its high nutritional value, guava leaves are considered as powerful remedies for many conditions and ailments. It is high in Vitamins A and C as well as potassium. Here are the top 5 uses and corresponding benefits of using it regularly:

  • If you want to stimulate faster hair production, apply some boiled guava leaves directly into the scalp. This action of guava leaves is ideal for people suffering from hair loss.
  • Guava leaves steeped in water are known remedy for common coughs and bronchitis
  • If you are suffering from skin allergies and itching, place crushed guava leaves onto the affected area for fast relief and healing
  • Guava tea leaves are proven to lower bad cholesterol levels, whilst increasing the production of good ones
  • For men who suffer from infertility, you can include drinking guava tea leaves as part of their effort of treating the condition
  • Guava leaves boast antiseptic properties which allow it to provide relief to minor cuts, abrasions, and scrapes. The application of guava leaves also facilitates faster healing process.
  • If you want to delay the signs of aging from creeping in your face, use crushed guava leaves with a small amount of water to exfoliate the skin
  • If you have simple digestive issues or food poisoning, drinking guava tea will relieve the symptoms so you can seek doctor’s order

The Important Pointers you should Know about Tow Trucking Services in Phoenix

Car breaks down for a myriad of reasons. It may have failed due to dead batteries, overheated engine, or due to a vehicular accident. Regardless of cause, you will only need one service to ensure its safety and that it can go back to its original functioning state. You will need to hire a towing company/tow trucking service to move your broken down car to a mechanic. But before you make a call to the first towing company that you have searched on Google, it is best to learn about the basics of tow trucking in Phoenix.

Towing companies are not created equal. Each company may have a different set of expertise and skills as well as mission and objectives as a company. It is therefore imperative to identify your needs first before finding a company that matches your values and ideals (to make it easier for you, search online with keywords towing near me“).

Only sign up or agree to sign a contract with a towing company with positive reputation in the industry and has successfully grown a loyal following among private clients and companies alike. As they will be responsible for handling and managing your damaged car during transportation, you need to work with a company that has high trust ratings.

One major selling point of leading tow trucking companies is that they offer a wide array of services other than basic towing:

  • Roadside assistance

A tow trucking company should have the ability to deliver miscellaneous services for emergency situations. For instance, if you stalled because you ran out of gas, you can simply call the tow trucking company to deliver fuel for your vehicle.

In addition, personnel of professional towing companies are staffed with knowledgeable and skilled staff to fix minor damages and repair other important aspects of motoring. Apart from refueling, towing companies will help you unlock your car, replace a flat tire, and jumpstarting too!

Top Four Things to Look for in a Delray Beach Storage Facility

When looking for a storage service provider, you must remember one thing- You need to find a company that will value your possessions as much as you would. This may be very difficult to achieve for some but with a bit of homework, we are pretty sure that you will find a storage service company that can meet your needs and a whole lot more.

Here are things that you should look for when choosing between storage companies in Delray Beach:

  • Customer Service

A storage company that treats prospective clients well is worth the consideration. Super customer service doesn’t end when you sign a contract. A company that offers round-the-clock support via phone, email, or text will guarantee that all your concerns will be addressed at the right time and in the most efficient manner possible.

Knowledge about the services they offer also reflects the quality of customer service that a storage facility can provide. Upon interview, if a staff or personnel were able to answer all your inquiries plus give you other insights and resources, then they are worth doing business with.

  • Hands-On Management

A hands-on supervisor or manager will always be around to address concerns of clients and prospective customers on site. A reliable storage service company will have different platforms to communicate with their clients. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions before signing an agreement.

  • Clean Spaces and Surroundings

Although your items will not be used and remain undisturbed fro a very long time, you still need to make sure that the space where you plan to leave them are organized, clean, and neat.  A well-maintained facility reflects the quality of service its personnel deliver.

  • Zero Insects or Pests

Choose a storage facility that employs measures for pest control. The last thing that you want are roaches, bugs, and insects thriving in your rented out spaces. These insects can destroy the integrity and quality of your items over time, so make sure to find a storage facility that is pest and insect free.